How Drupal 8 Offers The SEO Edge To Your Website


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an integral part of digital marketing strategy. It increases the visibility of a website and gets it a high ranking on Google search. Higher rankings ensure more traffic for your website, which translates into better business prospects. Therefore, SEO-compatibility is seen as a key parameter while making the choice of a web development platform for your site. Drupal is one such platform which can be relied upon for availing the best SEO features. Most drupal web development services are using the Drupal 8 version of the platform as it presents some amazing and out-of-the-box SEO features. Here is how you can avail the SEO edge with this platform:

Site Speed

The loading speed of a website plays a key role in optimizing it. This is where Drupal 8 emerges as a winner as it ensures a super-fast loading speed. It works with caching technique called BigPipe, that caches the entire entities of a web page. To begin with, this caching technique renders the cached part, followed by the un-cached part that needs to be personalized.


By availing drupal development services for the advanced Drupal 8 platform, you get the benefit of its content-as-a-service capability. In simple words, content can be managed at a single location but used across several mediums such as the web, apps, and social sites.


Another reason why Drupal 8 is hailed as an SEO-friendly platform is the default responsiveness of its core theme. A website created on this platform will thus run seamlessly irrespective of the device being used. This means that it will be open for mobile users too, which boosts the SEO ranking to a considerable extent.

Specialized SEO Modules

The platform offers specialized SEO modules to push the website in terms of web ranking.

PathAuto module creates a readable URL automatically, on the basis of the content without the need to create a path alias.

Meta Tag enables the addition of meta information such as titles, keywords, and meta descriptions for every web page.

Redirect is another useful Drupal 8 module that allows redirection of invalid URLs to new ones.

All these modules play a vital role in improving the SEO for your website.

Multilingual Support

Every drupal development company in India would vouch for the SEO benefits of Drupal 8 because of the multilingual support it offers. The platform supports 94 languages, which means that it opens up your website to a wider audience. This feature translates into higher ranking and more traffic to your website.

Having a Drupal 8 site is a great advantage from the SEO point of view. You can harness all these useful features of the platform and give your business a winning edge.

How Drupal 8 Offers The SEO Edge To Your Website

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