How Drupal Can Be Used Effectively For Making NGOs Website?

drupal ngo website
Drupal has been used for websites serving a variety of purposes. One of these purposes has been for creating websites for non-profits. Big names such as the Canadian Society of Cancer Patients and Amnesty International, have used the CMS for creating their websites. Let us see how Drupal makes for an ideal choice for creating websites for organizations serving a greater cause:

Speedy Development With A Relevant Distribution Package

A Drupal distribution package is a package of modules that together provide functionalities essential for a certain kind of website. Thus, we have a number of such distribution packages designed to create non-profit websites. Some notable examples are Donor Rally, which allows NGOs to fundraise for their cause, CityGroups, which allows website users to search NGOs by location and cause, and DaNgo, which allows NGOs to receive donations and keep supporters updated through mail.

Thus, based on the kind of goal a non-profit organisation wishes to achieve through their website, a relevant distribution package can be used. Moreover, a suitable Drupal Development Service provider can extend the distribution package of your choice with more functionalities as well.

Create An Active Online Presence

Volunteers, donors, and NGO professionals are always on a lookout for the NGO that best serves their needs. So, an NGO must make it easy for them to find it. Now, there are two ways of doing this- having better search engine and social media visibility. Drupal lets you achieve both by offering SEO and social sharing modules.

Reach Multi-lingual Stakeholders Easily

You may want to reach stakeholders living in different countries, speaking different languages. A single Drupal website can be used to target multi-lingual stakeholders by deploying the multilingual module provided by the CMS.

Integrate An E-commerce Utility

You may be an NGO working towards the development of a disadvantaged community which coincidentally also boasts of incredible talent. You may put this talent to use for the community’s further development by allowing people of the outside world to buy creations produced by your community. Fantastically enough, Drupal allows the integration of an e-commerce utility to a core website. A Drupal CMS Development Company can integrate such a utility with your core website.

Be it for finding the right stakeholders or for raising funds, a well-designed and aptly functional website can help an NGO achieve its goals quite effectively. Coincidentally, the features of the Drupal CMS allow the creation of such websites with relative ease.

How Drupal Can Be Used Effectively For Making NGOs Website?