Speed Up Your Drupal Website with an Apt Modules and Themes

Drupal is the most popular content management system deployed by both the governmental and non-governmental agencies, small and global companies, educational institutions, and more. The people from almost all sectors prefer Drupal development services in India or elsewhere across the world for their online establishment. The main reason for each one of them is that the performance of the web plays the key role for their online sustainability. And, needless to say, Drupal excels in meeting their needs. A lot of things could be done to optimize the content working with the browser in such a way that the end user gets the information as quick as they prefer to.

Let us see how the Drupal developers in India and across the globe speed up the Drupal CMS for a complete and reliable online establishment.

The unnecessary HTML is scrapped off with the ‘fence’ module so that the pages load faster. And they also make their own Fences-styled *.tpl.php files to place them in the theme. Thus, the fences would automatically find them and add to the drop down list for field configuration.

The CSS and JavaScript are aggregated and compressed through the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module. The significance of this module is that it allows the sites to utilize the Google’s Content Delivery network (CDN) to load j Query.

Read more: goo.gl/7vauc1

Speed Up Your Drupal Website with an Apt Modules and Themes

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