The Drupal 8 Version Benefits for The Themers

The website industry is the most sought after and competitive industry today. The ever increasing competition could be attributed to the new technologies and change in the business trend. Drupal, an open source content management system, favours the businessmen to gain and maintain a complex website with ease. Further, Drupal e-commerce development is the choice of the webmasters owing to its compatibility with the different type of browsers namely Windows, Linux, and many others.

The highly customizable nature of Drupal facilitate the individuals and enterprises to change their website’s look at regular intervals. The new version 8 also has brought the new functionality to theming. The Twig, a templating engine exceeds the expectation of the Drupal theme developer. It facilitates them to create secure, fast and flexible websites effortlessly. The themes are much safer as the sandboxing features and automated output escaping are built-in to the system. Further, the Twig compiles the templates to optimize PHP code and one may implement their own language constructs (tags, functions, filters, and operators) to create personal DSL. Thus, Drupal theme customization is more improvised and brings the uniqueness in a plausible way.

The Drupal 8 Version Benefits for The Themers

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